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Regenta Healthcare is a UK based healthcare service created by Dr. Arvin Rodrigues. We specialise in providing expert second opinions to patients, giving them a true picture of their condition as well as offering guidance on the necessary steps that may need to be taken on their road to recovery.

We aim to provide an efficient and easy to use service so that all patients can gain a trusted second opinion within 2 weeks.


Welcome to Regenta Healthcare

Regenta’s second opinion service was born out of a personal difficulty my family experienced and also from multiple requests that I have received from patients over the years for a second opinion.

My sister, Ana Paula, has had severe epilepsy for most of her life and over the years she has been given widely differing diagnoses which have resulted in many changes in treatment. Many of these have had serious negative repercussions on her health. Our parents had to juggle their careers and care for two other small children as well as  Ana’s health problems, which was not easy, to say the least.

They wished they could find someone, who would be able to direct them to a leading epilepsy specialist to give them some clarity and much-needed peace of mind and to reassure them that they were doing the right thing for Ana Paula.

I promised myself all those years ago that I would do something to help other families going through similar circumstances. Regenta Healthcare and its second opinion service have been created to give you confidence in your diagnosis and to find you the best possible treatment available.

At Regenta we believe health is the most important thing. Therefore, being confident in your medical diagnosis is crucial, but sometimes things can be missed and mistakes can be made.

Regenta Healthcare was created to provide patients with an efficient second opinion service for all types of medical conditions. From physical illnesses to mental health issues, we will provide the finest expert in each field to review your case.

We work with experienced consultants who will provide every patient with a clear, accurate and quick second opinion and create an individualised treatment plan. If your plan includes the need for further appointments or procedures we can help arrange this for you.

So leave your health worries at the door and let our consultants put you back on the road to recovery.

The Second Opinion Service is, in essence, a hand holding service. It has been created to provide patients with an invaluable second opinion on a diagnosis that is uncertain and to provide an expert opinion on a proposed treatment plan.

Many of us have had a “gut feeling” that the diagnosis given to us did not quite fit the symptoms we have experienced, or that the treatment prescribed is not really working. When you find yourself in this situation, it is easy to feel pushed from pillar to post with no real plan in place.

Regenta Healthcare is here to help. In less than two weeks, our Consultants will tell you if your initial diagnosis is correct or not and prepare a clear stepwise plan of exactly what needs to be done. Our specialists can then arrange any follow up outpatient appointments, scans, blood tests and anything else that you may need.

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Regenta Healthcare will act as an intermediary between the patients and consultants, working closely with both to ensure they are given an informed second opinion.

Once obtaining the patient’s data we will put them in touch with the consultant we believe has the best expertise for the particular issue. If the consultant recommends a certain treatment Regenta will then work with the patient to organise the best plan for them going forward.

There are a vast number of rare illnesses that affect many people on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, many of these are hard to diagnose at a GP practice or hospital due to their highly specific nature.

Regenta will put patients in touch with experts who can help diagnose them. We will then work to refer patients to centres of excellence where they can receive the best treatment for their conditions.

Having surgery such as a knee or hip replacement is a big decision for many patients to make; it can be life-changing. Some may feel they do not need surgery but were advised to go ahead with it and others may desire to have an operation but have been told it was not necessary.

Regenta will recommend a surgeon who will provide a full evaluation on whether they believe surgery is needed to give the patients further information so they can make an informed decision.

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