Requesting a Second Opinion with Regenta Healthcare

Requesting a Second Opinion with Regenta Healthcare

Requesting a second opinion from a medical expert is perfectly acceptable when you are faced with decisions concerning a serious, disabling or rare illness, even more so if complicated treatment or procedures are involved. At Regenta Healthcare, we believe that requesting second opinions need to become more common-place among patients.

Having a second opinion can be invaluable. It could be the deciding factor in gaining the confidence to make the right decision for your recovery, and going ahead with the treatment you are not comfortable with and which you may not actually need. That’s why we offer a service that puts you in the driving seat of your treatment and gives you the necessary reassurance and peace-of-mind when you need it most.

Our service has been designed to ensure that you are completely happy with and confident in your expert’s recommendations. Regenta Healthcare allows patients to obtain a second medical opinion, in less than ten days, from leading specialist doctors all over the UK, giving you better expert opinions…fast.

After your initial enquiry, you will need to upload your clinic letters, scans, X Rays, blood reports and any other relevant details onto our online portal, ready to be assessed by our doctors. You can be reassured that it is handled with maximum security and confidentiality; Regenta is as serious about data protection, as it is about your care plan.

The five easy steps;

  • Create an account and complete a brief questionnaire
  • Upload your medical records and test results or scans
  • Select an expert doctor or let one of our team guide you
  • The expert doctor will provide a report within ten working days. The report will be available in your secure login area.
  • Should further tests or a procedure be needed, we can arrange this for you.

The appraisal of your condition by some of the leading experts in the medical field, both in the UK and overseas, provide you as a Regenta Healthcare member with the diagnosis that will enable you to get the best possible treatment and finally set your mind at ease that you are in the hands of professionals; putting you in the driving seat of your own recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can stay healthy through the winter months, contact a member of our team today.

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