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A second opinion is an additional medical consultation after a first medical diagnosis by a GP or hospital consultant.

Many of us have this “gut feeling” that the diagnosis given to us does not quite fit with the symptoms we experience, or that the treatment prescribed is not really working. When in this situation, we are often pushed from pillar to post with no real plan in place.

In the case that your initial diagnosis is correct, the second medical opinion will give you the reassurance that the treatment being proposed has been verified as appropriate by our panel of highly experienced medical specialists.

In the fast-paced and resource-limited reality we live in, it is all too easy for errors to occur. When it comes to our health, this can have serious implications. Getting your diagnosis independently confirmed by one of our experts ensures that you do not have to undergo an unnecessary procedure or take medication that is not going to help. So seeking a second medical opinion is a means of confirming that you are getting the best available care for your health condition.

Our medical specialists are experts in their respective fields. Seeking a second opinion from an expert within a field can offer a different perspective on your diagnosis that you would otherwise not have had access to. By using Regenta Healthcare, you can have the peace of mind in knowing every angle is covered.

  • You start the process by registering on our website.
  • You will provide us with some personal details and upload your medical data onto the secure portal.
  • You will then settle payment, following which your case will be sent to a relevant specialist for appraisal.
  • If you wish, you will also be able to choose your Consultant. The specialist will analyse all the information that you have provided and prepare a second opinion report. In some cases, the Consultant may have to speak with you directly over the phone.
  • The Personal Healthcare Coordinator will inform you about this and a mutually convenient solution will be arranged.
  • If your specialist recommends a further procedure or consultation, the Personal Healthcare Coordinator can arrange this for you at your most convenient private hospital, at an additional cost.


You can upload as many documents that you think are relevant to the condition for which you are seeking a second opinion. It would be helpful if you could name the files by type and date (eg. An X-ray report from 2016 could be uploaded as Xray 2016, or a blood test report from 2018 as blood test report 2018).

Nearly any type of file format can be uploaded. Files must be saved on the device in use or a portable device such as plugged in mobile device or pen drive.

If your medical records are saved on a CD, you must first copy or save the stored files to your computer and then upload to the portal.

Videos can be uploaded on .mp4 or .mov file formats. Any other documentation can be uploaded in the appropriate format such as .docx, pdf, jpeg, png etc.

Regenta Healthcare is here to help. In 10 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays), our Consultants will tell you if your diagnosis is correct or not and prepare a clear stepwise plan of exactly what needs to be done. Our Personal Healthcare Coordinators can then arrange any follow up outpatient appointments, scans, blood tests or anything else that you may need.

A second opinion with one of our experienced Consultants costs from £299. This does not include any further tests or procedures or consultations that may be recommended in the second opinion report. We accept all major payment methods of payment online.

To start with, our website and portal put you in control. You can begin a second opinion inquiry at any time of day or night. You do not need to call secretaries or receptionists and hope they find you an empty slot four or more weeks later. With Regenta Healthcare, you have access to a wide panel of Consultants.

Where we differ from the NHS is that you won’t have difficulty getting an appointment, long waiting times and uncertainty with how your treatment is going or what consultant is heading your case.

At the present time, it does not. We are working hard to get this changed. Insurance companies take a while to accept and adapt to change. We are currently in negotiation with some of the major insurance companies, and hopeful that they will soon start covering Regenta Healthcare’s second opinion service. We will, of course, inform you the moment this happens.

If our specialist finds that your diagnosis and treatment are appropriate, you will not need to do anything. Just the reassurance will give you peace of mind and help in your road to recovery.

If a wrong diagnosis is suspected, or if the treatment you are on is not the most recommended, our specialist will clearly outline the additional measures that you need to take, whether that be a further scan, blood test or consultation with another specialist. Our Personal Healthcare Coordinator can then help you organise all of these. Please note that additional costs will be incurred for this.

All our Consultants are registered with the General Medical Council ( and are on the Specialist Register. They all have at least 5 years of experience at independent Consultant level practice. Many of them are leading experts in their fields and are nationally and internationally renowned for their clinical excellence. All have up to date criminal record checks and possess indemnity cover.

Seeking a second opinion is your right and your decision. Legally you do not need to inform your current doctor, but it would be advisable to do so, as s/he may be involved in your continuing care. You will be able to download and print a copy of your second opinion report and show it to your GP or hospital Consultant, if necessary.

Once you register and confirm your account, you will be able to log into your account and select a consultant. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our personal healthcare coordinators who will be happy to suggest a consultant most relevant to your case.

Should you specifically wish to see the consultant who gave you the second opinion, we can certainly arrange that for you. Bear in mind though, that they may be based in the other end of the country as our experts are from all over the UK.

Keeping your data and personal information secure is our utmost priority.  Our website and portal are fully secured with Advanced SSL, and are subject to regular testing to ensure your data is as secure as it can be.

The system has been tested and created following OWASP security guidelines and is subject to penetration testing. Our servers are configured with the highest levels of encryption, stored on a VPS and isolated, so you can have total peace of mind when uploading sensitive information. All requests to the server pass through the hosting providers firewall followed by the servers own HTTP firewall. Any FTP (File server) requests are subject to banning and blacklisting which prevent forced entry. The database accounts only work locally meaning any external requests must go through the site and its firewall.

Your data can only be viewed by your chosen Consultant and allocated personal healthcare coordinator at Regenta Healthcare. Regenta Healthcare are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Medical Council guidelines.

Some of the file structure is stored in an SQL database, the rest is in a restricted and isolated folder away from the web root for safety purposes.

The files will be isolated in order to prevent entanglement with other files. Database stored files are restricted using keys and permissions and those stored in the folder structure have their own specific folder.

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